For commercial property investors, the primary focus tends to be on annual income and maximising yield. While for the commercial lessee, they are often more focussed on security, and a clear tenancy agreement.

At Stills Properties, we are focussed on servicing the needs of both the investor landlord and lessee.

Our priorities are simple: lessen long-standing vacant properties or defaulting tenants, and build longer-lease terms, with happy tenants and healthy rental returns.

We do this by carrying out tenant interviews and the necessary due diligence to ensure the financial strength of the lessee. It allows us to determine if the lessee has a sustainable business, and the capacity to pay the rent.

We also take a strategic approach to how we position commercial properties in market, to help attract the most appropriate tenant to each commercial, industrial or retail property.

Stills Properties doesn’t ever just set and forget.

We closely inspect and maintain our clients’ commercial properties, swiftly respond to tenant issues and communicate with all parties.

And we stay on top of market conditions, economic trends, and industry compliance. This ensures we remain just as competitive and sought after in market, as our managed commercial properties.

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Sydney Real Estate Agencies Consulting