As your property manager, we want you to maximise your rental return. Ensuring your investment property is cleaned, maintained and well-presented for inspections, all pays dividends when it comes to fetching the highest rent possible and securing a great tenant.

To make the process easier, we’ve compiled a checklist of items to help you get your investment property rent-ready.

Preparing your investment property for rent:

Create great first impressions, inside and out.

First impressions matter when a prospective tenant inspects your property. And prospective tenants are more attracted and willing to pay the asking price for a well-presented property.

While inside the property should be tidy and uncluttered, the outside – gardens, lawn, paths, railings, gutters, and fencing, create the first impression. So, it is important the exterior of the property is also well-maintained.

Make it sparkle.

Set a high standard of cleanliness from the outset. Make sure the property is clean, fresh, and hygienic in your listing photographs and on inspection day. The new tenant will know the condition the property is expected to be left in, when they hand back the keys.

Consider having the carpets and window coverings professionally cleaned, and removing grime and dust from windows and flyscreens, to allow in more light.

Rid the property of any odours, such as cigarette or pet smells, which can be easily detected by inspecting tenants.

Fix what is broken.

Make sure your property – from the front path to the back fence – is in good working condition. Fixing what is broken and doing small repairs and maintenance prior to inspection could prevent a bigger, more costly problem down the line. And could also cause less interruption and frustration for the tenant.

Don’t overlook the small things.

Tending to the small, but important aspects of your property can add value.

Giving tired walls a fresh coat of paint, replacing well-worn carpet and updating light fixtures are effective and affordable ways to enhance the look and feel of your property.

These small things can add to the appeal of your property and potentially get you more rent.

Know the rules.

Check that all aspects of your property meet current regulations, safety guidelines and efficiency standards. Such as pool fences, railings, balconies, blinds, windows, smoke detectors, and electrical and water. Making certain that all are in adequate working order.

Ensure that all electrical wiring and power points are safe, including electrical appliances to be included in the tenancy.

And be sure to take out comprehensive insurance cover on the property prior to the inspection, including public liability.

Naturally, as your property manager, we advise the laws relevant to your property.


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