Professional Lindfield Apartment Management

Lindfield Property Management Experts

Stills Properties provides full-service professional Property Management for busy property investors.  Brigitte Stills has 25 years’ experience in apartment services and property management in Lindfield, and a further 13 years in Real Estate property sales.

An acknowledged Property Management expert, Brigitte’s business – Stills Properties – specialises in professional apartment management and the management of other residential and commercial properties in Lindfield and across Sydney’s North Shore.

Stills Properties’ rental home management services are ideal for property investors with portfolios large or small.  With many years of experience in professional apartment management in Lindfield, landlords can be sure that their individual property investments are being cared for by a highly skilled apartment property management team.

Why Lindfield for your Rental Apartment?

Lindfield’s location, under 30 minutes by train from Sydney’s CBD makes it ideal commuter territory.  That and the recent NSW government initiative to build more medium-density dwellings has seen a rise in the number of apartments being built in Lindfield and surrounding suburbs.  A property investor’s dream.

Maximising your Lindfield Rental Apartment Investment

More rental apartments on the market means greater competition to find the ideal tenant.  Self-management of your apartment could be a costly mistake.  Stills Properties’ professional apartment management services are designed to minimise the time your rental apartment is empty and to maximise your rental income.  Our apartment management services will quickly locate and assess suitable tenants for you.  You retain the final decision, of course, but as your professional apartment management specialists, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Lindfield Apartment Management professionals

Protecting Your Property Investment. Engaging a professional apartment manager isn’t just a way of finding tenants, it’s all about the ongoing protection of your investment and maximising your income, in both the short- and long-term.  Apartment property management aims to bring you the best weekly rental income and ensure your apartment is well maintained to realise the optimum price should you decide to cash-in your investment.


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