Property Management Consulting for Real Estate Agencies

At Build your Rent Roll, we believe in taking a hands-on approach so our Property Management Consulting Service works directly with the Licensee.

Whether you have a single property manager or a whole team, we will work with you to:

  • Identify the issues – including staff performance and current processes
  • Transform the efficiency and profitability of your property management division
  • Attract more desirable properties
  • Integrate a newly purchased rent roll into your portfolio

Assisting Agencies to better manage their team

As part of our Consulting Services we will:

  • Ensure the right people are in the correct role
  • Assist with goal setting, process implementation and streamlining your systems to increase profitability
  • If required, introduce incentive schemes to boost performance
  • Investigate any staff knowledge gaps that may leave your agency vulnerable
  • Have courageous conversations with your property management team (when necessary)

Ready to learn more?

Book a free real estate strategy session with our founder, Brigitte Stills. With over 40 years real estate experience, Brigitte has successfully built and sold numerous rent rolls. So get in touch today.


Sydney Real Estate Agencies Consulting

Sydney Real Estate Agencies Consulting