Property Management Training

At Stills Properties, we will provide training with skills and knowledge from Over 40 years’ of industry experience.

Learn how to

Build a thriving property management business from scratch, that pays dividends.

Manage more properties, more efficiently, and generate organic rent roll growth.

Successfully sell your rent roll by making sure the value of your department is robust.

Helping Grow Your Property Management Portfolio

At Build Your Rent Roll, we understand that many agencies struggle with building and managing a worthwhile rent roll.

Our expertise will help you start a rent roll from scratch or grow your existing property management portfolio. We’ll help to keep it operating efficiently to become a major contributor to your agency’s income.

Industry Experience and Know-How

Brigitte Stills is the founder and owner of Build Your Rent Roll. With over 40 years of experience and knowledge in real estate, Brigitte has successfully built and sold numerous rent rolls.

Now, her focus is on helping other real estate agents build their own successful property management portfolio, combining high value and low stress.

Brigitte keeps all her real estate Institute qualifications up-to-date and regularly appears as a featured a speaker at industry events. She also presents a regular real estate focussed radio segment based out of Sydney.

Free Strategy Session for Real Estate and Property Management

We recognise that taking the first step can be difficult. To make your decision easier, we offer a FREE strategy session to real estate agencies looking to build their property management portfolio.

In this 45-minute session, we will help you:

Identify the core focus areas for your business to become the go-to Property Management company in your area;
Understand why most real estate agents don’t reach their property management goals; and
Build a success road map tailored to your business.


Sydney Real Estate Agencies Consulting

Sydney Real Estate Agencies Consulting