Real Estate Coaching & Mentoring with Brigitte Stills

Are you looking to take your property management division to the next level? Are you struggling to get the most out of your team or to implement the right systems and processes for your business? Look no further than Brigitte Stills, a leader in the real estate industry with over 38 years of experience in property management and sales.

Experience You Can Trust

Brigitte’s unparalleled expertise and experience set her apart from the competition. As the Principal/Director of her own agency for over 25 years, Brigitte and her team have built a reputation for their commitment to clients. 

Sharing Her Knowledge

Brigitte has made a name for herself as a popular presenter at real estate and investment seminars. She shares her extensive knowledge of the Sydney real estate market with both investors and first-time buyers, explaining how property age, location, and ongoing maintenance needs should influence their decisions. She also helps investors understand why certain types of properties attract certain types of renters and clarifies how legislative changes affect landlords. Most recently she is known for contributing a chapter in the new book: Voices of the 21st Century, Women Transforming the world.

Award-Winning Care

Brigitte’s agency has received several industry awards, including the Excellence in Property Management Service, Gold Excellence in Marketing, and Bronze Sale Achievement Club – Sales of $5M and above. These awards are a testament to the exceptional care and attention Brigitte and her team provide to every client.

Real Estate Coaching & Mentoring Services

Brigitte’s Coaching and Mentoring Service offers hands-on and comprehensive guidance to individuals and teams. Her practical coaching services free up your time and improve the profitability of your agency. Here are just a few areas where Brigitte can help you and your team:

  • How to interpret the Tenancy Act in real-life situations
  • Task and time management techniques to increase efficiency and performance
  • How to build lasting, trusting relationships to gain long-term tenancies and referrals from existing landlords

Take the first step in transforming your property management division by booking a no-obligation real estate strategy session with Brigitte Stills. She’ll provide specific guidance tailored to your needs and help you take your business to the next level. Contact us now to schedule your session.


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