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Professional Apartment Management in Roseville

Brigitte Stills has 25 years’ experience providing full-service professional Apartment Management Services to busy property investors, through her property management business – Stills Properties.

Acknowledged within the industry as a leading Property Management and Sales expert, Brigitte specialises in apartment management and the management of other residential and commercial properties in Roseville and throughout Sydney’s upper and lower North Shore areas.
Ideal for property investors with portfolios large or small, Stills Properties’ rental home management services allow landlords to relax knowing their valuable property investments are being cared for by a highly skilled apartment property management team.

Why choose Roseville for your Investment Rental Apartment?

Located just 30 minutes by train from Sydney’s CBD, Roseville is ideally situated for commuters. A fact confirmed by NSW government initiatives encouraging more medium-density building. That has translated into greater numbers of apartments being built in Roseville and its surrounds. This trend has been a boon for property investors looking to the rental apartment market.

Maximising your Investment in a Rental Apartment

As more rental apartments become available to the market, so the competition for suitable tenants increases. Stills Properties’ professional apartment management services help minimise the time your rental apartment is empty and maximise your rental income – saving you from a potentially costly self-management mistake.

Use our apartment management services to quickly locate and assess suitable tenants on your behalf. Of course, the final decision is yours, but the hard work has been done for you by your professional apartment management specialists.

Protecting Your Rental Property Investment

Professional apartment management is all about the ongoing protection of your property investment to maximise your income, in both the short- and long-term. Apartment property management services begin with identifying and evaluating suitable tenants bringing you optimal weekly rental income with the least hassle. Apartment management then ensures your property is well maintained and cared for, helping realise the best possible price when you cash-in your investment.

Why Stills Properties?

25 years providing professional apartment management services along with another 13 years in Real Estate sales in Roseville and other North Shore areas ensure we’re well qualified to deal with all your property management requirements. Our excellent record in letting apartments and other properties quickly and efficiently stands up, even in today’s difficult market conditions. Other apartment managers have properties sitting empty for weeks on end – losing you rental income – while we maintain an average turnaround of 12 days with our expert apartment management services.

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