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Make sure your property is safe?

With tradie shortages, COVID restrictions and tight budgets, some landlords are attempting repairs and maintenance themselves. Others are engaging tradespeople based on the cheapest possible quote.

DIY Repairs

With tradie shortages, COVID restrictions and tight budgets, some landlords are attempting repairs and maintenance themselves. Others are engaging tradespeople based on the cheapest possible quote.

Make the current lockdown work for you by reviewing your property investment options

There’s nothing like a COVID lockdown to give us time to think about things. After all, there isn’t much we can do. So let’s turn this negative into a positive by talking about how the rental market is changing.

5 Ways the lockdown has affected landlords and tenants

The current and sudden Sydney lockdowns have caused great confusion for landlords, tenants and property managers. We now have some clarity. Here’s what you need to know.

Pre-purchase Appraisals

Investing in property has always been a popular wealth creation strategy with Sydney-siders and there’s good reasons for that. But like any investment, there are good investments and bad investments.

Sell or keep? 5 Factors to consider before selling your investment property

The Sydney rental market is still proving difficult for landlords with many deciding to sell their investment property. But before you make this important decision, you need to consider 5 very important factors.

Investment Property taking longer than expected to lease?

You’ve carried out some minor alterations or renovations, and you’re now wondering how long you can expect to be waiting for the right tenant?  But, in today’s market conditions, there are other, more important questions you should be asking yourself first:

Ready to be a landlord? Answer these 6 questions to find out

At Stills Properties, we love well renovated properties with beautiful fixtures and fittings. In fact we always emphasis these features in our professionally taken advertising photography because it helps to secure high quality tenants.

Property Upgrades

Sometimes people become landlords because they are moving interstate or to a regional area. Others become landlords on behalf of their aging parents who might be moving to supported care. In either case, it can be difficult to know where to start – especially if you suspect the property may need some updates to maximise rental returns.

Advertising your property

Regardless of whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, you’re probably aware there is stiff competition to secure a good tenant. With so many apartments and units for lease, landlords need to present their property in the most positive light to stand out from the crowd – and it begins with your online advertising.

Tips for leasing in tough times

The Sydney rental market has been tough for landlords – especially over the last 12 months. But that shouldn’t mean your property remains vacant for weeks or months at a time. Instead, it calls for a more responsive approach to the concerns of tenants and what they are looking for.

Selling vs Renting

Investing in property should be considered a medium to long-term investment. The market will go up and down over the years, but a well-positioned and maintained investment property should appreciate in value while your tenants help to repay your mortgage.

Maintenance Tips to Reduce Vacancy

Depending on your area, the Sydney rental market is competitive for landlords at the moment. But it is possible for landlords to buck the trend. Discover our 4 top tips to improve and enhance the appeal of your investment property so you can get great tenants faster.

How to Choose a Property Manager

When you purchase an investment property it’s tempting to ask the selling agent’s company to manage it for you. But are their property managers the right fit for you?

It’s competitive out there! How do you make your investment property shine?

All investment markets have their ups and downs. The rental market is the same. At the moment, it’s tough with more empty properties than tenants. But that’s when experience is important. We’ve seen it all before so here are our top 3 tips to help you find great tenants faster.

With a tenant in place, could you manage your own investment property?

When budgets are tight, it’s important to investigate ways to trim expenses. For landlords, a tempting option may be to self-manage their investment property. But be careful and learn from the experiences of this property owner who decided to do it herself.

Why are we letting technology take care of our investment properties?

When it comes to property management, there’s an increasing trend to automate the process. But will automation save landlords time? This is what we think.

How do you lease your investment property during a pandemic?

Currently, the Sydney property market is swamped with vacant properties, so how do you find a high quality, long-term tenant in a pandemic, and how long will it take? Discover the answers here.

What should every investor know before they buy a property?

Some investment properties are more profitable than others. But how do you know what to look for to achieve the greatest investment return?

COVID-19 has changed property management. What you need to know.

COVID-19 has changed the rental market landscape. These days, managing a property is more than collecting rent and arranging repairs. If your tenant is suffering from financial hardship, you may need to negotiate rental changes or have other difficult conversations with your tenants.

Six month moratorium on residential tenancy evictions during COVID-19

The NSW Government is introducing an interim 60-day stop on landlords seeking to evict tenants due to rental arrears as a result of COVID-19, together with longer six month restrictions on rental arrears evictions for those financially disadvantaged by COVID-19.

Has your managing agent told you about the new reforms for landlords?

Well it’s here. It’s happened and if you have an investment property, you need to know about it. Learn about the changes to tenancy reforms here.

What happens if you want to sell an investment property?

What do you do if you want to sell your investment property – especially if you have a tenant living there? Here are our 4 key tips to help you and the tenant through a potentially rocky period.

Why are some property management fees lower than others?

Property management fees can vary significantly. How do you know if you’re receiving value for money or paying too much? Let’s look behind the scenes to see what goes on, so you can decide for yourself.

Nightmare Tenants: Why is Tenant Screening Important?

Today, there are more people renting for longer periods than ever before. As property prices continue to rise, fewer people can afford to buy, which creates a large pool of long-term renters.

How to manage your investment property over the Christmas break

With Christmas just around the corner, you’re probably looking forward to a well-deserved break. Trouble is, your property manager and tenants are probably doing the same. So how do you keep your investment property safe over the holidays? Follow our 5 tips.

Real Estate on the Radio – Festive Edition

Brigitte Stills returns with a festive edition of her Real Estate segment on Northside Radio 99.3FM next Monday – 9th December – between 9.30 – 10am.

Prepare now for new residential tenancy laws

New laws to be introduced early 2020 will regulate the standards and maintenance requirements of all residential properties in NSW. Will your investment property be affected?

The 3 essentials of stress-free property management

Whether you choose to do it yourself or engage a professional property manager, there are 3 essential elements to ensure your investment property generates good rental returns. Discover more.

4 things commercial landlords must know

Commercial properties are an attractive investment option for private investors. While commercial properties typically yield high rental returns with long tenancies, there are several things landlords must know to ensure they make the most out of their investment.

Prepare your investment property for winter

Winter is here and high time to assess your investment property for any potential or existing issues before they worsen. Conducting a basic winter maintenance check will not only protect your tenant, it’ll also safeguard your property and finances.

Is it time to review your property manager?

The slowdown in the current property market has seen more people renting than before. While this is good news for landlords, supply is still out-performing demand, which means the rental market is in the tenant’s favour.

How to make your property stand out in an oversupplied rental market

Recently, I met with the owner of a two-bedroom apartment in Neutral Bay who was struggling to attract tenants.

Is your property manager outsourcing services?

Australian companies have been outsourcing services for years, especially big brands and large corporations.In recent years, small business has jumped on the band wagon to use onshore and offshore outsourcing with the aim to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Pro-active Property Manager succeeds in tough rental landscape

Every Property Manager will easily recognise the snapshot above is from Domain’s website. From 12/09/18. It’s current. This is Sydney’s rental market right now.

Managing you own Investment Property – why would you?

“Save money,” they say. “It’s easy,” they say. “Anyone can do it,” they say. On the face of it, ‘they’ appear to have a point. On the face of it! Scratch the Investment Property surface however and there’s a whole untold story behind those glib statements.

Pet-friendly landlords can earn more in rent

If you have an investment property then you have an interest in the real estate market. If you have an interest in the real estate market then you’ll be fully aware of changes in recent month.

Apartment or House: Which is the better investment?

Buying your first investment property–whether an apartment or house is an exciting time. But how do you know which type of property is the better investment?

Illegal Subletting: The Issues and Risks for Property Owners

In suburbs across every Australian capital city, and in almost every major holiday destination along the East Coast, you can find a short-term rental property listed through Airbnb.

6 Ways to Become a Confident Property Investor

Australians have long favoured bricks and mortar investment over the stock market.
But with recent lender restrictions, interest rate hikes and talk of property price corrections and a housing crash, Aussies are said to be losing confidence in the viability of property investment.

Is Your Tenant Illegally Subletting Your Investment?

The number of Australian’s renting is officially on the rise. While this is great news for residential property investors, it’s not the only thing heading north.

Managing Your Investment Property Lease Renewal During the Holidays

Over December and January is a tough time to lease an investment property. With vacancy rates peaking early in the New Year, tenants have more choice and are in a better position to negotiate.

Licensees Need a Real Estate Locum Too

Locum jobs are common-place in the medical and healthcare fields. Typically, a locum doctor will temporarily stand in for a permanent doctor when they are on leave. What about a real estate locum?

Suburb Profile: St Leonards NSW 2065

Located on Sydney’s Lower North Shore 5km north-west of Sydney CBD, St Leonards is a vibrant suburb popular for professionals looking for easy access to restaurants, cafes and schools and a comfortable commute.

Should You Hire a Professional Property Manager?

Property management has been around since ancient Roman civilisation – where Grecian cities appointed men to manage properties and collect rents.

Four Trends Impacting the Sydney Rental Market

What a difference a few months makes.
Back in April this year, the inner Sydney vacancy rate was falling as people returned to the city for work and study, which created a surge in demand for rental properties.

Suburb Profile: Lane Cove NSW 2066

Lane Cove is a suburb nestled amongst parks, bushland, and greenery on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. The peninsular runs adjacent to Lane Cove River and is surrounded by suburbs Chatswood, Artarmon, Greenwich and Riverview.

What do property investors need to know before the EOFY?

The end of the financial year is fast approaching. And for property investors, this means getting organised: assessing your investment performance and preparing your receipts for the lodgement of your tax return.

How to secure the right tenant for your investment?

Would you let a stranger into your house? Accepting tenants without adequately screening applicants is akin to allowing a stranger into your house, and handing over the keys. No doubt, a costly decision in any property owner’s book.

Stills Properties: Top 80 Property Management Blogs

Stills Properties is excited to be named in the Top 80 Property Management Blogs online.
Selected from thousands of top property management blogs, we are honoured and humbled to be recognised alongside other property management bloggers, industry experts and thought leaders.

How to find a tenant for your rental property?

Before you start the journey to find a tenant, you first need a strategy – a marketing strategy.

Airbnb hustle into long-term residential rental market

The short term rental accommodation market is booming, and the real estate industry is feeling the impacts. Recently, the industry has seen an increase in tenants illegally subletting a house or room to offset their rent, and in some cases pocketing rental returns, double what the properties’ owners earn.

Five most common complaints and concerns for landlords

As a landlord, you want the best tenants for your properties. But invariably, even the best tenants have demands. And responding to requests, queries and maintenance issues can be time-consuming and stressful. This is where a good property manager can assist.

How to find the right property manager to lease your property?

Leasing your property, whether it’s an office space or apartment, is about determining market rate, finding the right tenant, minimising vacancies, and maximising the return on your investment.


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