If you have owned an investment property for a while, you may have built a good, solid relationship with your property manager. But have you noticed you are receiving more automatically generated emails lately?

From an agency perspective, property management is changing. Increasingly, property managers are relying on automation to communicate with landlords to reduce overheads and increase agency profits.

But what about the landlord?

Or the tenant for that matter? What happened to:

  • Conversations with your property manager?
  • The ability to ask questions?
  • Personal service?

In the chase for larger margins, the human side of property management is being lost and at Stills Properties, we think that’s wrong and really sad.

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We were recently speaking with a landlord who had enjoyed a great relationship with their property manager for many years, but then she left and the “robots” took over.

Now, the landlord receives automatically generated emails asking for instructions. One of them simply said:

Repair required. Please click the link below.

Repair to curtain rod required

  • Do you wish to have this repair carried out?
  • Require a quote?
  • Require more information?
  • Not proceed with the repair?

Or this one:

Your tenancy agreement is coming to an end.

  • Do you wish to renew your tenants agreement?
  • Do you require more information?
  • No, you do not wish to renew?

The landlord wanted to know why they had to tick a box to ask for an opportunity to speak with their property manager. We agree!

Managing properties is a “people” industry and your investment property is a significant investment. That’s why we believe you should be able to call or email us if you have a question, concern or are looking for advice.

It’s the same with tenants. They need to know there is someone they can speak to if they have a problem, concern or question.

Automated emails put agency profits first but at Stills Properties, we put people first.

Do you feel like a number or a valued client?

Technology has its place. There’s no disputing that. But it should never replace personalised, customer service. That’s why your investment property will be personally managed by our founder, Brigitte Stills.

So if you would like to be treated like a valued client, contact Brigitte from Stills Properties on 1300 091 638 or email propertymanager@stillsproperties.com.au


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