Coaching and Consulting Services

Successful real estate agencies understand the importance of running a profitable rent roll alongside a strong sales portfolio. It’s the one asset that can be sold as well as generate regular income.

For many real estate agencies, however, managing a property management division can be stressful and time-consuming. If not managed correctly, the effect can be seriously detrimental to the brand, costing future leads and unfortunately, in some circumstances, the business.

At Stills Properties, our real estate and property management coaching and consulting services draw on our 30+ years’ industry experience.

We help to focus the Principal’s attention on building and managing a successful property management division and keeping your team accountable and your listings on track and profitable.

Are you running a Property Management division and need advice on how to get the most out of your team? Or do you want to know how to implement the right systems and processes to enhance your business and take it to the next level?

Contact our team to learn more and request a free consultation.

Real Estate Locum Services

Stills Properties lends its expert and trusted hand to support Sydney real estate agents who are seeking locum services.

Brigitte Stills tailors her 30+ years’ industry experience to provide short-term and emergency assistance across all facets of business operations, including property sales and management, organisation of systems and processes, administration support, strategy development, coaching and consultation.

As a licensed real estate agent and independent property manager, Brigitte understands what it takes to manage your real estate agency.

If you are expanding your business, need someone to oversee the running of your team, want a break or just an extra pair of professional hands, you can rest assured that Brigitte’s know-how and hands-on experience will deliver the locum services you didn’t know you needed.



Sydney Real Estate Agencies Consulting

Sydney Real Estate Agencies Consulting